Getting Extra Does Not Have To Be So Hard

Sometimes, “extra” is the real deal. Extra, in this context, could mean going all out; taking an extra mile or adding more to that one thing that others seem to be contented with, whichever way they come. This can also play out in housing. When most houses come with a select number of rooms, creating one more bedroom might seem like being “extra”. Still, there are many things that could account for this need for an extra room like a newborn baby, taking care of an elderly parent, guests or simply aiming to increase the value of your home, amongst others. 

At West Coast Home Builders, whatever your reason for wanting to add a new bedroom, we are particularly determined to give you the best. After all, there are a wide variety of ways through which a new bedroom can be added. 

The easiest and cheapest means of creating a new bedroom space is converting a large bedroom or sitting room into two rooms. It is easy, in a way, because it is interior and requires no major demolitions or reconstructions. The only things needed are a wall, a window on both sides and a door providing an exit on both sides. These constructions are largely straightforward and can be done in record time. 

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Another option available is attic/loft or basement renovation. These areas are found either above the living area or below it and require higher levels of demolition and reconstruction. For the attic/loft, found just above the living quarters, this could mean a calculation of height; roof extensions; the requirements of planning permission; local building codes; Home Owners’ Association restriction, whilst also affecting the external layout of the building. 

On the other hand, basement renovations into a bedroom might be costly if it would include plumbing for a bathroom and toilet, alongside waterproofing. However, it offers a much more viable construction than the loft/attic conversion, all without affecting the external structure of your house. 

Another possibility is a conversion of a garage. This might involve a lot of work such as structural support, insulation, ventilation provision, fireproofing and the use of skylights or roof windows to help with privacy and security. The garage suggestion involves less cost, less demolition, less disruption in your home and allows you to engage a larger space, with less restrictions. 

Furthermore, home owners can also consider extensions. These can either be horizontal or vertical. An example of a vertical extension is a mezzanine level renovation. Buildings with high ceilings can engage this idea. It could also be detached or extending out into an upper storey. Horizontal extensions, alternatively, could be created by extending from the house into the garden. However, these extensions come with a lot of ground work, cost, permission applications and legal factors to consider.