Everyone deserves a home away from home...not far though

Some of us get into those moments where we just want to shut out the rest of the world and have some “me-time”. Everyone needs a destination hideaway where they can go and unwind, loosen up and really enjoy time away from all the hustle and bustle of life, alone; with a significant other; with family; or with friends.

At West Coast Home Builders, we have a community of experts in every field, ready to bring your basement dreams to life. You have a wide variety of options to think of in terms of plans for your basement space. It could be a home theatre with a large screen television; a wine cellar with a hearty collection of the best wines from France, Italy and Spain; an office space for your online business; a fitness room for the exercise and yoga enthusiast; a cave/shed for special interests like gaming, stamp collection, painting, quilting and writing or a simple supplementary living space. Nevertheless, no matter your choices or desires, as a person, there are still important steps that we help you to take into consideration as a company.

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One of such steps is understanding the difference between a basement and an actual building. A basement is usually more humid than the actual building. Thus, one of the major things to start with would be checking for humidity and then taking steps to cater for the amount of moisture present. Waterproofing, setting up dry walls and using waterproof flooring types like tiles; cork; laminate; vinyl sheets; or epoxy on concrete, can help. These help to prevent you from having your basement renovated, only to get covered up with mold; mildew and water and wasting thousands of dollars in the process. 

Another major thing you might want to take into consideration is lighting. Basements are generally below ground level and therefore, have a dark ambience to them. Depending on the space available, some lighting options may work much better than others. For example, if your renovation is targeted at making your basement look more spacious, you might want to opt for architectural lighting, recessed lights or pot lighting. However, if you have an abundance of space, you could make use of hanging light fixtures and chandeliers to maximise the space available without looking too bare. 

Local codes, rules and regulations also affect a lot of decisions made. Just the renovation of a basement can have serious legal implications if any requirements get faulted. Different areas hold on to different requirements like the amount of exits that can be created, how high it can go and the extent to what could be done within the basement. Nevertheless, some areas allow all sorts to be possible as can be seen in luxurious basements with basketball courts and even bowling alleys within them. 

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