From a shithole to your throne…

At West Coast Home Builders, we believe that your day begins from the Bathroom. Imagine you waking up every morning, entering your bathroom, and knowing that everything in there is specially made to your taste, this is more or less a daily inspiration to make the best out of the day. 

Whether you’ve lived in your house for a long time or you are just moving in, the idea to renovate your home might cross your mind. There are many reasons why you, as the homeowner might be interested in renovating your bathroom. It might be to update the look of your bathroom, increase storage space, fixing an existing issue, add waterproof, increase the resale value of the home, or improving energy efficiency. No matter what your reason might be, West Coast Home Builders is here to help create that change you desire. 

The change you want is in your hands. Before any remodeling or renovation is done, you have to decide on the design style that you want. What kind of fixtures, countertop materials, flooring, colors, as well as your accessories would complement the design you want? Your ideas are what we work with so we can bring out the best in the design. 

Whether it is your kids’ bathroom, or the bathroom in the master bedroom, the project has to take care of your personal needs, your lifestyle, and improve the style of your home.  With this in mind, some essential items need to be considered when it comes to renovating your bathroom, and below are some of them.  

When it comes to replacing any part of the bathroom, the bathtub is very important as we offer both bathtub and shower options. For a smaller bathroom that is looking for more space, we offer showers so that there may be more space for other fixtures. A bigger bathroom gets a tub. All these depend on what you want. But be rest assured that we will stop at nothing to provide you with the best. 

Another important part of renovating a bathroom is the floor. Being a place where there is water always, it is advised to get a flooring type that water or moisture will not damage. Some of the types usually used in the bathrooms are vinyl, laminate, natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tile, and engineered wood, to mention but a few.  

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That is not all. Your bathroom does not have to be boring as each of the flooring types is available in various textures, colors, and designs. While we work with creating the best aesthetically designed bathroom for you, we also ensure to provide you with materials that are durable and resistant to water and moisture.  

Lightings of the bathroom are also taken care of as we provide a wide range of light. They include pendant lights, wall sconces, ceiling lights, vanity lights, mirror lights, track lights, and many more.