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Building a custom house is a dream come through for anyone. Choosing your own piece of land to watch your dream come to fruition is such a beautiful memory. This is a process that we have walked many through, and we will always cherish every opportunity that will have us do it all over again. 

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The process of building a custom home is one of the most misunderstood segments of house construction. With West Coast Home Builders, you can be assured of quality support throughout the entire building process. With land acquisition and preliminary design sorted out, the team will set sight on building. We work with a top-of-the-line realtor to secure plots just for you. The design process? You can trust that your input counts every step of the way.

The experience that comes with building a custom home will differ from person to person and is usually dependent on the team handling the building. Our culture at West Coast Home Builders is hinged on given the best to every client and ensure you experience the best support possible during the building process. 

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Everyone’s experience will be unique, and some steps will take longer than others, but the essential road map is the same. We have put together a fun, vibrant team that can walk you through anything you will face during the project’s duration. 

Building a custom home is a team sport. Your core team will be made up of the architect and builders; the interior designer must also be in the loop from the very beginning. You are in a safe haven; our reliable team has worked on several projects with multiple good ratings under their belts collectively. You need not worry about putting a team together and fetching varying core competencies across the board for your custom home building project. We have handled that for you. 

From planning to execution, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Nothing gives us more joy than to work with you on your custom home building project at West Coast Home Builders. Every step of the way, you can rely on our expertise. 

Finances, this is an essential part of the building process. We advise that you put a budget together before the project begins in collaboration with your bank or personal accountant. We also recommend including a contingency or miscellaneous fund of between 10 to 20% of your overall construction cost. From experience, we have found out that no matter how well planned out of projects, surprises occur from time-to-time once construction starts. 

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Construction time is the most interesting. You watch your plans go from paper to 3 dimensional, each piece fitting into another on a day-to-day basis. This is the beauty of a custom home. At this point, the majority of your design and interior decorations decisions have been made. All you have to do is stay by and watch it happen. This is the power West Coast Home Builder gives you.