Custom Home Building

The process of building a custom home is one of the most misunderstood segments of house construction. With West Coast Home Builders, you can be assured of quality support throughout the entire building process. With land acquisition and preliminary design sorted out, the team will set sight on building. We work with a top-of-the-line realtor to secure plots just for you. The design process? You can trust that your input counts every step of the way.

Multi-Family Home Building

When the buck comes to investing in real estate and housing, it usually stops at a multi-family home. Financing is relatively easy to come by. With the right support system, expertise building multi-family apartments can also be a breeze.  

Vacation Home Building

Work is a normal part of our rich national fabric; thankfully, so is rest and vacation. In recent times we have seen a surge in the ownership of vacation houses. Vacation houses differ from all-year-round residences not just in construction but also in principle and residence. While all-year-round residences are stayed in for much of the year, vacation homes are occupied majorly during vacations. A vacation home is usually constructed at getaway locations and is smaller in size than everyday residences.