The best of things start from careful planning and design! Your house should be too.

With consultation out of the way, it is time to get down to the business of building. At West Coast Home Builders, we understand the principle of counting the cost before building starts. This is also part of the consultation we give for free. 

Once the agreement is to move forward, we move to the next phase, which is to design the home of your dream. The plan and design will be integral to the entire process of building. This is why it is essential to get it right and not rush over any of the details. 

We believe that design is an integral part and the foundational instrument we use in planning every project we take on. In designing your dream home, we recognize that it is uniquely yours. Hence, we allow you to make decisions while we guide you professionally and help you in any way possible. 

At West Coast Home Builders, designing your dream home begins with you; every step of the way, we want to work and walk with you to achieve a house you will be proud of. That is the plan! We are proof that collaborative design that puts you at the center of the design can birth functional, sustainable design that works.  Our design process starts simple; there are many tools and software out there, we know our way around the tools. Our best tools remain the most simple; the pencil and the paper are where every design is birthed.

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We take the design process in a few steps; the first stage is the pre-design phase. At this stage, communication is of the essence. The team at this stage will only act as a guide. The picture might be fully formed in your head; the goal at this stage is to help the rest of the team understand it.  Layout, form, and pattern are discussed at this stage, and the famous pencil outline is done too. The pre-design phase is communicative, not so visual. The next phase of the process remedies that. 

Here is where things get really exciting, bringing out all the big guns on the software and give the plan in your head an architectural feel. The rough sketch will be set to 3-dimensional diagrams to help the architectural team and the building team understand the project.  

The next stage is the development stage. Here the plan will be gone over in detail as it will be submitted to the relevant bodies. This is also the stage where all necessary building permits will be applied for. Right now, your dream house is waiting to be constructed. 

The entire process’s beauty is that it is seamless, reliable, and we will run you through everything you have to do. All processes are coordinated in one place. 

Get started with planning your dream house now.