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Considering the fact that electricity is very hazardous if not properly handled, you should take serious precautions when it comes to handling the electrical system of your house. The best way to do this is by hiring an experienced electrical contractor to oversee the installing and repairs of electrical work in your home.  At West Coast Home Builders, we are here to help tackle your electrical problems head-on at zero risks to you. 

Unlike other building contractors, we don’t just rush into your home to start fixing things. For a new home, we ensure to see the plan of the house. Offer free consultation to then discuss the things that you need and how you want them. Concerning repairs, no matter where it might be in your home, we invite a professional to come to check it out, ask some questions and provide you with solutions. We believe in the idea that since it is your home, you know it better than anyone.  

As a company, we will not go on with any design that does not match your plan. We first try to build a good rapport via consultations even before installing anything in your home. We believe that you deserve the best for your money. This is why we look for the most suitable method that fits your budget. 

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Our electricians are licensed to work in your jurisdiction. So you don’t have to worry about having a noob come to do your electrical work for you. We also offer reliable services, and guess what? Our electricians are also insured. So if any incident should occur in your home during an installation or repair, you are sure covered. 

It is very common for most homeowners to get injured when trying to perform DIY for the electrical system at home. Rather than leaving your electrical works in the hand of DIY YouTube channels, we have highly trained electricians that are highly equipped to handle your electrical repairs or installations and high-voltage electricity. 

The project is a big one and you are also part of it. Your decisions will determine how fast and productive the job will be. To also show that we are a reliable company, as part of our free consultation, we will provide you with a quote showing you the list of materials needed to provide light into your home. At West Coat Home Builders, we offer professional solutions that cover our client’s budget. 

Not to mention, we offer a warranty on our services done. What does this mean? It means that every material installed by us is protected and that if there are any damages during a particular period, you get replacement or repairs done for free. These only extend to parts and services provided by us at West Coat Home Builders.

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