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Having addressed consultation, let’s move straight into the painting process. At West Coast, we understand that productive use of time is profitable at the end of the day, and that is why we plan every step of the renovation process. Planning is also integral to the consultation we give for free.

Once we have finally agreed, we go straight ahead to the next phase, which is, getting the lead out. Doing this will be the foundation for a highly-successful painting process eventually. We will follow the EPA regulations to ensure that you and our team are safe throughout the process.

We will make use of standard lead-paint testing kits to find out the lead level in the paint. We also make sure to keep the lead levels at the barest minimum. At West Coast Homebuilders, we believe that safety is a non-negotiable part of every project. 

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We will also maximize the number of paints that we have for the project by washing the exterior of the home before we start. When mildews stay underneath your paint, they make it difficult for the paint to adhere to the wall of your home. We stop this from happening by using a mixture of water and a phosphate cleanser, all still within your budget.

Painting over loose paint would make the sight of your home unappealing, unattractive, and even waste your paint material. We know how heartbreaking it could be to hear that the estimated materials from the quotation could not go meet the renovation requirements. That is why we prevent this by scrapping off loose paints, estimate any future expenses, etc., to give you the best.

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The next step is to sand rough spots, fill and repair the surface of your house exterior. At West Coast Homebuilders, we are aware that it is not just about painting but an inspection for and an offering of quality. We consider the several factors that caused the paint to wear off previously, and we offer our expertise to salvaging the issues.

At West Coast Homebuilders, we choose the right paint using three criteria: easy to clean up, dries easily, and applies easily. We ensure that we determine what’s best for your home by looking at both internal and external factors that influence the painting process.

Internal refers to factors from your home which could be the state of your plumbing, the quality of your walk, and so on. While external factors refer to environmental factors and your budget. All these factors help us decide on just the perfect paint to choose for you.

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Our decision to apply top coats or not is based on what color you wish to apply to your home. We will guide you on what is best and spring into action after you make your choice. We will also give you tips on how to maintain your exterior painting effectively.

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