Let's make your guests worship the floor you walk on...

Nothing tells on you as much as your flooring. They could carry stains that boldly announce to the world the kinds of food you have been eating! There are those that can absorb smells enough to make your entire abode REEK in a particular way. Nevertheless, there are floors that floor you, metaphorically speaking!

At West Coast Home Builders, we are committed to giving you a floor that helps your confidence fly no matter your peculiarities, budget, space or the specific places you have in mind. We provide services ranging from floor installation, to floor maintenance and floor repairs for all kinds of floors.

It is important to note that different parts of the house are better suited to different kinds of flooring. For example, the flooring used in a room night not always be appropriate for a place like the kitchen or bathroom. Just imagine a bathroom with a rug!!!

Therefore, one of the major things we love to share with our clients, as a company, is an idea of the kinds of flooring that would suit their peculiar situations. 

Firstly, there are a wide number of floors to pick from like laminate, hard wood floors, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, rugs, carpets, vinyl sheets, linoleum, rubber, marmoleum, terrazzo, parquet, cork, timber and bamboo, amongst others. There also exist treated floorings with antimicrobial systems for inhibiting allergens, mildew and dust. 

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Despite the wide varieties open to your perusal, it is not advisable to use just any type of flooring for any kind of house or in just any part of the building. Furthermore, while some floorings are completely straight forward while some floors require certain steps and checks to be duly observed before they can be laid down or used. 

This is all the more reason for you to engage experts in the field like us.

We know the floor types perfect for the kitchen like (non-slip rubber, bamboo, ceramic/porcelain tiles); those that would be cheap like (carpet, linoleum and vinyl); fire resistant like (stone, cork and porcelain) and even eco-friendly types like (bamboo, cork and laminate). Floorings that are non-slip and nonporous are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, where a lot of businesses with moisture and water take place. Furthermore, the presence of elderly people and pets in a house could mean that such an abode would have a lot of spills, sticky dirt, drips and mistakes that could lead to a stinking house if it is covered in rugs and carpets instead of tiles. Hence, the importance of knowing where each floor should be cannot be overemphasised. 

Therefore, all the peculiarities of your home are taken into consideration in our flooring of your house, to offer you the best service possible and due to you.

Trust us with just a click, we aim to please.