Change is calculated Growth! Your Garage Needs A Makeover.

You’ve made the big decision to expand your garage; now it’s time for us to help bring your vision to reality. At West Coast Home Builders, we believe that every profitable change begins with a thought and counting the cost. As part of our consultation, we will walk you through all the processes involved in making your desire to upgrade your garage fulfilled.

The biggest step is to strike an agreement after drafting a working plan of what you want your garage to look like. Then, we will proceed to the next phase which is to map out what the final product will look like using our 3D modeling and blueprint. We take every step in the process very seriously, and that is why we give quality time to every single stage needed to renovate your garage.

We will never go on with a design that doesn’t meet your vision for your garage, and therefore we build a foundation through consultations even before laying a finger on your garage. We also believe that you should get the best value for your money, and that is why as part of our consultation, we will look for the best method within our expertise to meet your budget and get the job done.

You are a big part of the entire project, and your decisions move the productivity needle; all we do is to supply our professional advice and guide you through every step. We spring into full action once you have chosen the best design for your garage. As part of our free consultation, we will give a clear and transparent quote showing a list of materials needed to create your dream. At West Coast Home Builders, we offer professional advice and are flexible with our client’s budget, so you are carried along all step of the way.

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When you’ve selected the plan that best suits you, we will go on to the next phase which is inspecting requirements and local zoning codes. We want to ensure that you are protected from litigations and unwarranted lawsuits at this stage. We want to help you achieve the best while working within your approved boundaries.

Also, we will determine new points of entry. Your space has its uniqueness and so, we will help create new entry points for your garage after estimating the space available. At West Coast Homebuilders, we know that your home needs to have the smell of luxury and elegance. 

In addition, we also provide you with a brand-new garage door that matches the structure of your home, boosts its appeal, and increases its market value. We will give you artisan doors that are customized to match the style and color of your home.

We are also eager to get your home to the next level by replacing your home’s old opener. With the use of the latest technology, we will make it easy for you to control your garage with your smartphone and with a strong Wi-Fi connection. However, we will always work within your budget and give you exactly what you want.

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