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There are many reasons why you, as a client, might be interested in renovating your kitchen. It could be the need for a change in size, trying to meet a new taste, looking to serve more peculiar functions, wanting a revamp, craving a particular ambience, feeling that temptation for more space or simply wanting things changed for the fun of it. Whichever side you seem to fall into, at West Coast Home Builders, we are passionate about helping you kit up your kitchen till it really feels like yours. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services, one of which is kitchen renovation. 

It all begins with you and what you have in mind. The ideas you have in mind and the fusion of these with our expertise help to bring out the best. Do you want a kitchen with a wooden façade? Or a minimalist styled kitchen? Do you want one with a tech savvy feel? Or one with a vintage design? Or that rodeo kitchen with a Texan vibe to it? Then, look no further, your wish is our command. 

We articulate your ideas using a 3D design that offers a demo visualisation of whatever idea you have in mind, allowing you to see all that we plan to do, alongside the timelines for each step of the journey. Nevertheless, there are specific things to consider when renovating your kitchen and below are some of them. 

Be it replacing, repairing or refacing of any part of the kitchen, we offer a variety of options. The kitchen layout can take a number of positions depending on the space available or the amount of space one has in mind. Examples of such layouts include the U shape design, the L shape design, the Double L design, Corridor design and One Wall design, amongst others. 

Another aspect of the kitchen to consider is the floor. Floorings, in the kitchen, are always advised to be nonslip and nonporous to moisture. Some of the types usually used in kitchens are laminate, engineered wood, vinyl sheet, ceramic tiles, unglazed mosaic and solid hardwood, to mention but a few. 

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Each of these flooring options come in a variety of colour, lustre and textures. They also offer different benefits based on diverse conditions. Nevertheless, we aim to provide you with those suitable in your context in terms of durability, slip resistance, moisture resistance, texture and strength. 

We also cater for lighting options and offer you a wide range to choose from in order to create the ambience you desire. Some options you can consider include recessed lights, cabinet lights, counter tape lighting, chandeliers and multiple light fixtures, amongst others. 

In addition to all of the above, we are also available for counter installation, kitchen sink installation, installation of electrical appliances and plumbing services.