Beautiful sites are not far away, your home should be the closest one.

Designing an outdoor space requires much more than an admiration for a beautiful place. It requires brainstorming, a lot of hard work, and special skills. Why do the hard work when we can help you ease the journey and still get you a completed job that perfectly appeals to you?  When you look out your window, what do you see? 

With landscaping, your yard can take on a new shape and an entirely new look that will not only appeal to your sense of sight but also helps to solve the drainage problems you encounter. 

Designing your dream garden

Get your designs here

West Coast Home Builders offer garden project ideas that reflect your personality and can add an aura of beauty to your home and office areas by creating an outdoor living area where you can interact with nature, and also relax with family and friends with garden structures well designed to suit your needs. 

Before getting started on your job, mapping out a landscape plan is usually one of our first steps in creating a delight for you. It is an important part of the process and because we love doing great jobs, paying attention to details is one of the things we do best. Whether it is a wide expanse of land or a small yard to have memories,  getting ideas and designs come easy as we have got you covered. And if you have just the designs for your intended garden, we help you birth your imaginations into a reality.

We can attest that having your outdoor spaces taken care of by professionals like us is a decision that will give you maximum satisfaction when you see results.

Let us give you a matching experience

Because we care about you, your budget for an outdoor space equally matters to us. Why break a bank to have an amazing view and a priceless feel of nature? At West Coast Home Builders, we offer very affordable quality services and ensure our client’s satisfaction comes first. With our team of highly trained professionals, we also pride ourselves in transforming ordinary spaces into the quality and impressive sights with befitting techniques and designs. With this, you have less to worry about, and getting the outdoor experience you deserve is guaranteed. 

As environment keepers, you don’t have to bother yourself with trimming the flower beds, giving the lawns a manicure, weeding, and fertilization. Our service includes maintaining your lawns and gardens regularly to keep the plants evergreen, prevent your garden from deteriorating, to uphold the aesthetic of your yard. Our maintenance plan is handled with professionalism, as we use the best equipment to care for your yard, while also providing a flexible plan that suits your schedule.

Our overall goal is to build a solid relationship with our clients, give you a long-lasting impression, and provide you with a yard that leaves you with beautiful memories. 

Beautiful views are irresistible and everyone loves one. Reach out to us today.