Breaks or Leaks, we fix it all.

What is a kitchen sink with a broken tap and leaking water all over the place? Or is it the clogs that won’t allow easy drains? There could be a strong desire for a hot bath and the water heater won’t just work fine. Plumbing problems, no matter how little are huge turnoffs any day and any time. It raises more concerns when you can’t identify the problem or maybe you can, but do not know the best man for the job. We know the look on your face when that happens, and that is why we are always ready to ease the issues at West Coast Home Builders.

While it may be easy for you to get around plumbing issues like minor water clog in sinks or your toilet, others will require a highly-trained professional to get the issues resolved especially with the different pipes hiding behind your walls. We can offer you credible solutions and provide a team of professionals well equipped in technical training and customer relations to handle your plumbing systems if you allow us.

In proffering solutions to your plumbing systems when you allow us, the first step we take is by identifying the particular challenge with the system before further actions are engaged. We are well familiar with plumbing cases such as sink clogs, flow problems associated with drain stoppages, disposal of waste, water heaters, and toilets among others. After identifying the challenge, we set out to work immediately.  If it requires replacement, repairs, or revamps, you can trust us to address all the plumbing problems adequately.

For us at West Coast Home Builders, doing the dirty jobs right for you is a priority so you don’t have to get your hands soiled. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations and achieving ours by giving you the best service you can get in emergencies and good timing based on when you want it. Delay is never an option and having your job done is a deal.

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We offer a full range of plumbing services including installations of sewer lines, drains, and water heaters, as well as revamping using the required equipment, at affordable charge rates that will help you save some costs. Do not manage when you notice breakages and leakages in your house so that it does not interfere with your activities and your health. Your safety first, others next. 

If you want your plumbing services to be handled by professionals, be credible and efficient at any day and anytime, don’t wait.  

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