Your Housetop Deserves Top Priority.

Imagine waking up one morning only to discover a leaking roof, and the sight is so bad that only professional help can salvage the situation. West Coast Home Builders are here to help you tackle this problem head-on at zero risks to you. A free consultation is where we begin; we talk about your concerns and your renovation plans.

Unlike many other home builders, we don’t just dash into the renovation process as we believe in sharpening the ax head to fell the tree in minimum time and with minimal effort. As part of our conversation with you, we will ask few questions as to what you may think is the cause of the wear. We do this because we believe that no one knows your home better than and you know the exact pain point.

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There are many factors responsible for roof damage and discoloration (e.g., UV light exposure, and action by elemental forces). Our job at West Coast Homebuilders is to highlight these important factors and know why the damage happened in the first place. Our findings will help us give our expert advice and deliver a perfect roofing renovation that will stand the test of time and save you money.

Apart from asking these relevant questions in the consultation, we will go ahead to undertake a physical inspection of the damaged roof and the state of your home in general. We aim to ensure that the damage hasn’t led to further damages, and worse of all, a potential health hazard. We are aware of the value of safety and so we take our time to check out any obvious threats.

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When we have finalized our inspection, we will feed you on all we have discovered and take the conversation to the next phase. The next thing we will do is to give you a quote stating all the materials needed for a successful renovation. At West Coast Home Builders, we believe in transparency, and as such, we will cut the quote according to your ‘cloth.’ 

We will work based on your budget all through the renovation and give you the best value for your money. The materials we choose are based on our inspection of the peculiarities of your environment and other factors we have highlighted previously – durability and resistance to damage are our choosing yardstick.

In addition, we will also prepare for renovation by removing everything beneath the roof, making sure the area is safe for you and us, and then mounting our scaffolding. When all is set, we then spring into action by starting the renovation process. 

Our professional roofing service takes between 3-5 days for completion – this is the standard for any quality roofing renovation service. Depending on what part of the roof we work on, we will secure the area so that no one gets hurt and also give professional advice on what to do to stay safe while we work for you.