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Traditional or contemporary, Glass or wooden, you have so many options to pick from after you’ve decided to renovate your staircase. We know how important your choices are, and how they can affect the appeal and beauty of your home. That is why at West Coast Homebuilders, we are there to help you get the best of your renovations.

Having to select what you need to refurbish, handrails, steps, risers, or spindles, could be a tough decision to make on your own especially if what you want is nothing but class. That is why at West Coast Homes, we believe that the decision-making stage and planning stage is the most crucial. We start the renovation by having a professional consultation on what you want to refurbish and what you need to change.

Having established this in our lively consultation with you, we will then go-ahead to discuss different available designs to meet your expectations. We not only discuss designs that are on the ground, but we also consider your budget and give you the best with a touch of affordability.

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When we have a working design from the consultation, we then go ahead to spring into action. We will begin the project by working on the steps and risers based on two criteria: The design you chose, and the width of your staircase. We will cut both the steps and riser to the appropriate size and then test-fit them.

We will systematically do these and ensure that we work within your means and budget, so no need to worry about extra costs or unplanned expenses. 

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There are different staircases with different peculiarities, and one of such is the landing area. After we have worked on the steps and risers, we would go on to work on the landing area of your staircase if your staircase has one. We would employ the use of winder steps and winder steps’ extensions for the renovation.

When we’ve achieved this, we will go on to cut the newel posts, while ensuring that we stick to the minimum height legally required for handrail installations (900 millimeters from pitch line to post). At West coast Homebuilders, we hold fast to integrity and deliver on every project with fidelity- we stand behind every project we do, and you can bank on us.

After this step, we will then fit the handrails and the base rails. After we have carefully walked through the design and what kind of staircase you need, we will then provide the most appropriate handrails and base rails for you. 

The final step is for us to install the glass panels or spindles, depending on which one you choose. The first step in this final stage is to calculate the number of spindles needed for the staircase and stay within the legal requirements. After that, we will go ahead to cut and install the spindle.