Home away from home? Let us build you a getaway haven!

Work is a normal part of our rich national fabric; thankfully, so is rest and vacation. In recent times we have seen a surge in the ownership of vacation houses. Vacation houses differ from all-year-round residences not just in construction but also in principle and residence. While all-year-round residences are stayed in for much of the year, vacation homes are occupied majorly during vacations.  A vacation home is usually constructed at getaway locations and is smaller in size than everyday residences. 

It all begins with a plan, let's build you the perfect vacation home

The making of the right vacation home is based on your needs and aspirations. For some, is small cabin log on the lakefront is the ideal vacation home; for some others, it is an expensive, sprawling duplex facing the beachfront complete with sports bikes and a motorboat. Whatever your taste is at West Coast Home Builders, we can get it done for you. 

The process of investing in building a vacation home begins with you. It is best to build your vacation home where you vacate mostly. This allows the building to serve its purpose and also saves your cost. Whatever the location you have chosen, we can work with you to get a plot that is just right for you and your building.  

Our land sales partner is working round the clock for your sake.

The striking differences between a regular home and a vacation home mean that they cannot be treated the same. The vacation home is startling different from the typical round-the-year home, from the architectural plans to construction and finishing. 

Suppose you’re already set and know exactly where you want to build, be sure to check out our setting-specific collections. In that case, we have beach houses, lake houses, cabins, and log houses that will look right at home in your favorite place. No matter which plans you choose, it’ll quickly become a home away from home. If you need assistance finding the perfect vacation house plan, you can talk to our team. 

Our architects will work with you to get your floor plans started; the process is flexible, interactive, and also creative. The land will be studied, and the best approach to building will be laid out. Once you’re satisfied with your floor plan, rendering into 3-dimensional structures can start.

A design that places you at the center, lets us fix you up!

A vacation home should be built with the mindset of relaxation and serenity. This is why the building team at West Coast Home Builders will spare no details in outfitting your vacation home in line with the standards you have set and the jurisdiction regulations where your land is located. One of the great things about vacation homes is that you can rent them out when you’re not using them. That way, you can earn a pretty good passive income with them! It might not be a lot, but it counts too!