Achieve more value with less cost

Countless reasons make it difficult to set up your dream home; one of those reasons is the expenses involved.

Whether it is the issue of building a new home from scratch or renovating an old building, there are always costs to settle. These costs usually include high rates of hiring skilled labor, increasing the cost of materials for maintenance and service delivery. These unforeseen expenses creep into your budget and mount financial constraints to our pre-planned spending plan. This shouldn’t be so!

You can build a house without breaking a bank!

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At West Coast Home Builders, we run and provide a detailed feasibility study on your building project, cutting off all unwanted costs, to give you a simple budget that will fit your needs. We provide alternative building options to high-end materials.

As a construction company, we critically analyze purchase options and building costs, while striving to achieve a high-quality building plan but at cheaper costs. We work with a professional team of specialists that develop value-oriented systems that look through the products, and design of your building and advising on areas that will warrant unwanted costs.

Our team of specialists offers cost analysis through your initial cost, service cost, operating cost, and maintenance. As a construction firm, our goal is to come up with a house you can be proud of, but on a budget that you will be happy with. We achieve these by running a value analysis, spotting and eliminating unwanted costs, and maintaining the low cost-high value system. 

Anyone can be a house owner, we can help you achieve that.

We provide each of our clients with a responsive team of engineers that will take your building process, one step at a time. Our team of engineers will help you clarify your building goals, review all proposed materials, costs, and expenses for the building, and suggest alternative and sustainable solutions that will offer more value to your project but at a cost-effective rate.

At West Coast Home builders, we ensure that we provide feasible plans for your basic house design. This includes offering free redesigns to your proposed building plan. Our redesigns are geared at achieving a sustainable building solution. Let’s help you build a better house, while you smile over the price. Here, we are offering you an opportunity to build a better house but at a subsidized price. Each step in your building process is important, so we brainstorm ideas before choosing any option. We will only conclude your building analysis after verifying all aspects of the construction project. We try as much as possible to deliver top-notch quality at a reduced cost.

A beautiful house is everyone’s choice, but a long-lasting building is a better solution.